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Bob Bragg

Bragg's Marine has been leading the North State in boat repair since 1984. We are family owned and operated and will continue to serve our community for years to come. We strive to be the business you trust with your family boat and we assure your satisfaction. Keeping your family safe and looking good on the water is our first priority. We too, make family boating a regularity and know how important reliability truly is.

So, whether you own a family ski boat, an off shore fishing boat, or a tournament style family boat, we fix them all. In fact, we have gained a reputation state wide for being the metalflake specialists! Our decades of experience with repairing all makes and model boats, both new and old, has allowed us to perfect a repair that will last the lifetime of  your boat. Our color match and repairs are second to none, and we assure if the repair doesn't look like new, it doesn't leave the floor! Your satisfaction is guaranteed at Bragg's Marine!



Where it all started! Bob started the business in 1984 amidst the craziness of his growing four kids. He was dedicated to being the best and establishing a lasting relationship with families in the community he served, As the role model he is, he instilled hard work and dedication into his kids  to ensure the business kept it's trusting values.

After serving the community as a Dedicated Law Enforcement Officer, Patrick and his family chose to allow Bob to retire and take over the family business. Bob graciously accepted and taught him everything he knows. Patrick has become a great asset to the business and will continue the legacy and values Bob started!

Patrick Bragg

Our family has been established in the Northern California region for over 30 years. We love the community we serve and are just like you spending our weekends and holidays boating on our beautiful rivers and lakes. We believe there is no better way for good old family fun and the making of memories!

Our Family
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